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ONE PLUS 7 & 7pro

When the OnePlus One was first released, it was positioned by the company as a ‘flagship’ killer. OnePlus was the first smartphone major that broke the trend of high specifications demanding a high price. OnePlus’ USP was that it offered flagship performance at an affordable price. But over the years, the word ‘affordable’ has disappeared from the OnePlus’.

OnePlus 7 will be out in the next few days and it won’t show up alone. OnePlus will unveil two devices for the first time – a regular OnePlus 7 and the ‘new’ – OnePlus 7 Pro. Almost every detail of the new OnePlus 7 Pro is leaked including the India price.

On the other hand, the hardware of the OnePlus 7 Pro is good and the 90Hz, HDR 10+ display and UFS 3.0 storage is great but it still lacks some of the basic features that flagship devices have, for example, wireless charging, camera performance and water resistance. Samsung and Apple have breached the $1,000 mark but they also get a major price cut (especially Samsung) just a few months after the release, unlike OnePlus phones. Also, OnePlus releases two flagships every year – a regular and a ‘T’ variant – and it has constantly been increasing the prices of its devices with every release. Other flagship phone makers like Apple do not increase their prices with every launch. Most companies increase the price once a year but not twice a year like OnePlus!

However, over the years, as the popularity of OnePlus devices has grown, so have the prices. The new OnePlus 7 Pro smartphone will be the first OnePlus device to touch Rs 50,000 mark and the 12GB RAM and 128GB storage variant of the phone is priced at $835 or Rs 57,999. These prices suggest that OnePlus is no longer an affordable device and they have broken into the premium category, at least price-wise.

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